EDI issue after Updgrade to JVM 1.4.2 for IS 6.1


Recently we have successfully upgraded jvm 1.3.1 to 1.4.2 for IS 6.1 environment QA/PROD on (05/19) as per the webMethods Critical update release.

All TN/EDI transactions are working fine as like before but expect issue with outbound 997 FA sending to one of our trading partner using AS2 via our VAN(Inovis).We are receiving 824(AA) documents and this has record delimiter with “Hex 85”.So when wM IS/TN/EDI payload receives it during run time the delimiters are automatically changing to “Hex EF BF BD” and this causes our 997 data failing in our VAN.

Before 05/19 these outbounds 997 FA’s for this TP are working fine and no issues.

Outbound FA’s other than this Hex85 delimiter transmitting to other TP’s are working great tilldate.

So i believe after this upgrade some thing screwed up in IS and causes delimiter character set/ translation issue in the payload.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue? Also we are tyring to contact wM tech support you know their response is very slow.