Hex values in EDI Envelope Header and Segment when it exceeds 80 Cha

Hi All,

One of our client is Sending a EDI 997 document with a carriage return (hex=0D)
and line feed character (hex=0A) at the 80th and 81st Character position of
records that exceeds 80 character.

It is faling to recoginze the EDI document, we are getting 997 through AS2 recieve service.

Is there any way to handle this issue

IS Version :- 4.6


Shibu you beat me to the post. I am on Advantage now as well. Kurt


Is your partner using standard EDI 997 or custom one?

In order to pass the validation in TN or IS they should send the data correctly with correct qualifiers,delimiters,data length based on the Standard EDIFF Schema.

otherwise you have to manipulate before it reaches TN you have to edit the data with correct position and delimiters and post to TN.



Thanks for the propmt response, i will check with our partner whether they are sending Standard 997 or Custom.

If we have to edit the data on our side do you have any advice for that ???

Since we are recieving the data through EDIINT we may have to edit the processPayload service to manipulate the data before we send it to TN



Our partner is going to strip all the carriage return and line feed with Hex Value from the EDI Evelope header. So we dont have to do any thing on our end



Good,It solved for you then.