EDI data issue

I took some sample EDI data from the Transaction Analysis by just copying the content and saved it in my desktop as .txt file.

Now am trying to post the same data in submit Test EDI data in another IS where the entire TN set up is the same.

But the sender, receiver, doc type nothing is recognised in TN now.
Its showing some invalid segment error.
“Invalid data - [Unexpected segment: 00]”

I believe the format of the EDI data gets changed when we copy it.
Can anybody pls advise as to how we can overcome ths issue?

Krithiga M

What programs did you use to save the EDI data? If a text editor, and the segment delimiter is a newline, the text editor likely converted the newline to a CRLF pair, (or vice versa) which can cause the parsing to fail. Programs like Notepad and Wordpad will mess things up. Use TextPad or NotePad++ or other editor that provides better control over line termination.

Or, if you inserted end-of-lines in the data but there is also a segment delimiter present, that will mess up the parsing too.

Hi Reamon,
Thank you so much for your response.
I did try the option that you gave.
Still i could not avoid the error. But later i came to learn one thing.
The receiver id has to be 15 digits.
When i copied that thing got messed up. so it was creating the problem.
Now, its working perfect.
Many thanks for your inputs too.



Most of the times when you copy paste EDI data from Transaction analysis to notepad few of the things you need to check:

  1. The ISA segment breaks off so please check that whole ISA segment is in a single line.
  2. The Sender and receiver ID’s should have 15 digits
  3. There should be a blank line in the END of EDI file after IEA segment.



This is what i did exactly and it did work for me.
Anyways thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:


“3. There should be a blank line in the END of EDI file after IEA segment.”

That is true only if the segment delimiter is a newline. If it is something else, then a blank line is not needed (indeed, strictly speaking it is an error).


I used to take data from Transaction analysis web page(dsp and not the Transaction analysis console) and paste it directly in Submit EDI Test Data and it used to work properly and it also does not mess the EDI formatting.