WebSphere MQ / Getting message bytes only


we use the WmMQ adapter to read messages from a WebSphere queue. We created a listener and a notification. Whenever a message appears in the MQ queue, it’s read by the MQ listener which then publishes a document (the doc type gets generated automatically when the notification object is created).

In the MQ notification, there are two check boxes that control what data are read out from the queue. The data can be delivered as a byte array and (independently) as an object (string in most cases, I assume).

The publishable document that is then published by the listener has (among others) two fields: msgBodyByteArray and msgBody. I assume that the fields are filled or not filled according to the settings in the listener.

But both fields are declared as mandatory in the automatically generated document. How is this supposed to work? If I uncheck e.g. the “byte array” option then the field “msgBodyByteArray” won’t get filled and the document will be invalid.

How should it work?


I’ve found out how it works. The Adapters puts the null value into the field. The field is declared as mandatory but it allows null values. So no problem here.