MQ put adapter service issue.

I am trying to put a string message into MQ using put adapter service though the message has been put into the Q it reflects as junk data in the Q.

I tried to use an exhisting adapter service where I found that the msgbody of put adapter service is showing as string and the one I have created is showing as object. And when I put the data using the later Put service it seems to be put in proper manner but when I use mine it is being out as junk.

So can you help me convert the msgbody attribute from object to string.

Can you be more specific? “Junk” doesn’t really tell us what is wrong. My first guess would be a character set issue but I’d need more info to be sure.

By junk I mean to say that the alfanumeric string data sent to MQ would reflect like for example:
data sent: 123abc
data in MQ: …/ÂÄ

on the other hand it works fine when masbody of the adapter service reflects as string in pipeline

That is indeed a character set issue. Be sure to use the proper charset/encoding when placing the data on the queue.

Hi All,

I want to test below scenario
Using MQ put, want to send multiple records to my MQ queue, how is it possible?
Can I map multiple records to msgBodyByteArrayof adapter input.
Please clarify

Give a try!

And also you can try this - If you have multiple records as output string, do a loop over and inside the loop call your adapter put service and map it to /msgBody. Make sure you handle the transactions correctly.

Let me know your results.