Microsoft MQ adapter connection configuration

Working with MSMQ Connection

What is MSMQ

MSMQ stands for Microsoft Message queue.

MQ connection in webmethods allows to communicate with Queues in Message queue using the adapter templats.

Step 1:

Configuring private key

Step 2:

Creating msmq connection in webmethods adapter page

Extracting the que path of the private queue that created

Configuring msmq adapter connection:

MSMQ connection types,

Transactional connection

A transactional connection allows you to group one or more requests into a single Logical Unit

of Work (LUW).

Non Transactional Connection.

A non-transactional connection is stateless and can be applied only to non-transactional queues

As step 1 create the package to host the adapter connection

Using the queue path name and package details, proceed creating the adapter connection,

The process is as follows,

With above those details, create the adapter connection as shown above,

After all the configurations are done, enable the adapter connection.

Using MSMQ connection configured , do the mq related operations

msmqpoc.docx (135 KB)