MQ - WM JMS Integration

Hey guys,

I am trying to integrate MQ with Web Methods to read message on the local queues of the MQ manager as JMS on Web Methods. I am having issues with this.

This is what I have done so far:

  • I have installed MQ and imported the required JAR’s to IS and restarted the App’s.
  • I have services to read the message and process the files.

Issue that I am having:

  • I am not able to create a JNDI as a prelude to setting up JMS and Trigger settings to read files off the queue. I am using MQcontext.jar for the JNDI.

My question is will we need to have MQ adapters to do read messages off the MQ local queue? If yes, then let me know.

If no, then how can I setup the JNDI without it.