MQ Series Support

I need to be able to send and recieve MQ messages with NATURAL 6.1.1 on HP-UX. MQ is running locally (my parent company’s requirement), as well as ENTIRE X. What would be the best approach?


Looking into the EXX documentation:

However this works only on z/OS :frowning:

I would like to propose to add this topic to the EntireX community. Hopefully there are other customers requiring this functionality as well and justifying development effort here.

I need to be able to send & receive messages using MQ Series client from Natural running on z/VM. As far as I can make out from available documentation it should just be a matter of making the MQ libraries available to Natural, the doing a ‘CALL ‘MQCONN’ #QMNAME #HCONN #COMPCODE #REASON’. When I run my test program with the call I receive the following error ’ Break by ABEND S0C4 at MQCONN+3C-4 (NAT0954)'. Any assistance in this matter would be much appreciated.

I will post my request to the EntireX community board.

I am in the process of creating a Natural to MQ interface and although I can connect, disconnect, open and close a queue, and query queue depth successfully, I am unable to PUT or GET any messages from the local queues. Unfortunately this is the 1st time that a Natural to MQ interface is being written in this company and such there’s nothing to model the interface against, nor is there anyone here who can assist me.
Do you have any suggestions as to what could be wrong / missing ?