EntireX RPC BMQ Bridge

We are mainframe VSE running Broker 7.3.3 on mainframe.
Recently installed 8.2.2 on Windows.
We want to use EntireX RPC BMQ Bridge (as per 7.3 docs) from NATURAL to MQ email service (asynch call).
8.2.2 docs do not seem to exist anymore.
Was this discontinued or rolled into new server?

Are you looking for this: http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite8-2_sp2/EntireX/8-2-SP2_EntireX/wmqBridge/overview.htm ?

That’s it exactly. Thanks. Could not find it via doc menus. In 7.3 it was there as a menu item… :smiley:

Upon further look is BMQ (Bridge to MQ) now part of wMQ (Websphere for MQ) ???

Looks like we have some confusion here.
In EntireX 7.3 you find:

EntireX RPC BMQ Bridge
EntireX RPC Broker Message Queue (BMQ) Bridge allows standard RPC clients to send and receive asynchronous messages and to make those messages persistent in the Broker. This enables customers to use the existing EntireX Communicator wrappers for asynchronous and persistent messaging.

EntireX WMQ Bridge
EntireX WMQ Bridge runs as an RPC server and processes RPC client calls. It is used to send messages to and receive messages from a WebSphere MQ Queue. This means that existing EntireX wrappers can be used for communication with WebSphere MQ.
EntireX WMQ Bridge Listener runs as a listener on a WebSphere MQ queue and passes messages to an RPC server. It is used to send messages received from a WebSphere MQ queue to an RPC server applications. This means that existing RPC servers can be used for communication with WebSphere MQ.

With EntireX 8.0 we streamlined the naming conventions and renamed
EntireX WMQ Bridge to EntireX WebSphere MQ RPC Server
and EntireX WMQ Bridge Listener to EntireX WebSphere MQ Listener.

Also with 8.0 the EntireX RPC BMQ Bridge has been dropped because this functionality is now available directly with Reliable RPC.

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Thanks Rolf. That’s what I was guessing. Glad you were there before I installed old version and then had to convert.
Looks like I have two choices. Since target is WebSphere service, I could use either, correct?
Mainframe is client, sending data to an email service (uses WS MQ), we don’t want to wait so it is async.

Thanks, Gene

Hi Gene,

if you have an RPC client which wants to “PUT” a MQ message you have to use the EntireX WebSphere MQ RPC Server.

If you want to “GET” a MQ message you have the choice of using the RPC Server or the Listener.

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We want to put a message so will use WMQ RPC Server.
Thanks for your guidance…Gene