Using Entire-x for mainframe integrations in 8.x

We are using webMethods version 6.5 currently and now planned to upgrade to v 8.0.1.
We have mainframe integrations using CICS publish and CICS request-reply as well.

In version 8.0 (I think from v7.x onwards), Entire-x adapter is used for mainframe transactions but it seems it can be used only for CICS request/reply transactions. We are planning to use CICS ECI for it.
But for CICS publish, it seems Entire-x Broker is required. But if we see the documentation it’s not clear whether Entire-x Broker needs to be installed on webMethods server or mainframe server. Similarly we are not sure about Entire-x RPC Server, whether it needs to be installed on webMethods or mainframe. The documentation is given based on platforms like installation on Unix, Windows, z/OS etc. That means Enire-x Broker, RPC Server and RPC client can be installed anywhere? Can anybody help me with this information or give the right document link to go through? (Till wm 6.x documentation was very clear and after Software AG acquisition, documentation is spread across and need to check multiple guides or webpages. Even Empower is also not useful when compared to Advantage.)

Hi anilrkg,
the EntireX rpc server has to be installed on the platform you wish to interface. I guess in your case it is a mainframe. Supported mainframe operating systems are IBM z/Os, z/VSE and Fujitsu BS2000/OSD. CICS is available on z/OS and z/VSE. The EntireX Broker can be installed on a different platforms as clients or servers. May be the documentation on [url][/url] is not very clear.
If plan to upgrade to wM V8 you can use direct rpc from IS using wMEntireX adapter.
In my opinion you should open an incident in empower. I think the support people can help you.
Regards hrh

Thank you very much, hrh. I will try and update this thread for any questions and also after installation and configuration.

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