Migration to 10.5


We are working on migration project, from 9.5 to 10.5 with hop as 9.8. And we have EntireX as one component.
Could you please mention things to be taken care while migrating to 10.5



Hi Volker,

Thanks for the quick response. But the link is not opening, its asking for credentials to view the presentation.
However empower credentials are not being accepted.


Can you describe your architecture that involves EntireX? Are you using the webMethods EntireX Adapter in webMethods IntegrationServer? Is an EntireX Broker being used? Or is only Direct RPC being used? CICS ECI? Are mainframe processes calling webMethods services? And/or webMethods calling mainframe services? Is Reliable RPC (asynchronous methods) being used?

Despite the questions above, the answer for most upgrades is that other than replacing the software, there aren’t a lot of other changes to make in order to upgrade EntireX.