EntireX Adapter for ESB v8.0 has been released

Software AG is pleased to announce the General Availability of a new release of EntireX Adapter for ESB (XAI):

EntireX Adapter for ESB 8.0 (XAI 8.0)

This adapter is a component of the following products

EntireX for ESB (EXXES)
EntireX (EXX)

The EntireX Adapter for ESB enables flow services and BPM applications to interlink with Mainframe or Micro Focus COBOL applications via EntireX:
• On the Mainframe EntireX supports Natural, COBOL and PL/I running under Batch, CICS and IMS.
• Micro Focus COBOL is supported on Windows and UNIX operating systems.
• The integration is supported in both directions, so either side can initiate communication.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Monitoring of the EntireX Adapter for ESB via adapter services
  • Enhanced COBOL support for IMS Connect, like