EntireX Broker v8, RPC Server v6

We are running tests on the mainframe with EntireX Broker v800 using the SVC and TCP/IP.
When we ping our RPC Server, it shows that we are still on a version 6, for example

RC: 0 Natural RPC Server on MVS/ESA (NAT423)

RC: 0 Natural RPC Server on MVS/ESA (NAT423)

The Broker shows version 8:

M *** Version (ACIVERS) : 8
M *** Code page (CPRPC) : N/A
M EntireX Broker Stub Version=8.0.0, Patch Level=11, Highest API Supported=9
M *** Natural server environment successfully initialized at 10:35:27
M *** LOGON to Broker at 10:35:27
M *** Initialization of transport successful at 10:35:27
M *** Subtask 1 successfully attached
M *** Subtask 2 successfully attached
M *** Subtask 3 successfully attached
M *** Subtask 4 successfully attached

Can we get all the benefits of the newer version 8, for example to do an automated second logon if the first logon failed? SAG promised that it will be solved with the new version - which one - Broker or Sever version?

Is version 6 of the RPC server the latest one or do we miss the newest?

Dieter Storr

The latest is RPC 6.3 with ships with Natural 4.2.4

Dieter, Natural RPC has its own version numbers which are different from the EntireX ones.