7.1.1 SDK with 6.1.1 Broker

Hi all;

I need to use several SDK/runtime features new with version 7.1.1 in conjunction with a version broker running on OS390 v2.10

EXXATM (executable attach manager)
XML RPC Server

both these will run on solaris 8/32 bit

Has anyone tried this yet? I don’t suppose there should be a problem with the attach manager, but different versions of RPC servers and clients can be a worry. In the case of the XML RPC Server, the client will be Natural 3.1.5 on OS390 v2.10

- arp

I’ve tested :
- Natural batch RPC server & broker v. 5.3 on OS/390 and RPC client (C on Windows and DCOM client) v. 6.1.1 and 7.1.1 , and they both co-operate OK.
-Natural batch ACI server with attach manager and broker v. 5.3 on OS/390 and ACI client (C Windows) v. 5.3 and 6.1.1, and they both co-operate OK.

I have now 2 problems with EntireX 7.1.1
- EntireX Workbench can’t generate C client (it is a small problem )
- rpcserver.exe (RPC C server on Win2000) - doesn’t co-operate with dll server implementation from 6.1.1 (in my SYSTEM.dll I use external dll). When I’m testing without external dll rpcserver.exe (7.1.1) is co-operating OK.