EntireX Broker RPC error with WebService call`s

Good day to all!

Sorry for my technical English

I have a few questions using WebService:

When I use WebService base on program with “simple” data(“A”-type variables, a1-250) it`s all ok.
Troubles appear when I use dynamic data or even static array or extended “A” data(for example variables - a1000).

For dynamic data and extended “A” data I got - “rpcCall: server does not supported required version 1140” through WorkBench XML Tester http request. With the Java Interface request it`s all working fine.

  1. EntireX Broker Help says that “This requires an EntireX RPC server Version 5.3 or higher”. Where I can see that EntireX RPC server Version I use?
  2. How to fix this problem?

For static-arrays(in example I use (a250/4) variable) work`s only at first call(meaning first call with such static-array from start of RPC server), when repeat RPC call, curiously enough, it fall down:

  • RPC gone from TaskManager but in Admin`s Console I see it on Server tab.
  • RPC trace(Trace on error, any level from 3 to 9) say`s nothing, meaning zero file length.
  • Request client sleeps until shutdown RPC Server from Server tab in Admins Console. Tests made using XML Tester with Java Interface and http request(through Tomcat).

The software I use:
EntireX Broker
IDL, XMM and WSDL - I am generating using WorkBench. Test`s made using XML Tester
Natural 6.2.2 Pl11

I forget about trouble using In or Out parameter types in IDL and generated from it wsdl and xmm files. In Java Interface it works fine, but using http request for example from this IDL 3 variables with In type and 4 with Out type in response I get 4 out types variables with first 3 filled by garbage and fourth filled by value set to first out variable. This mean that somebody does not understand In type.
If I change 3 In type variables to 2 In type, I got 2 first out variables filled by garbage and 3 and 4 Out variables with values set to 1 and 2 Out variable(in Natural program).

I also test all descripted problem`s using
Natural 6.3.1
EntireX 7.3.2, here I use Eclipse Workbench
Tomcat from CentraSite 2.1

I found were was an error - in Tomcat, but I don`t understand it.

I take Tomcat from Interstage Business Process Manager

Is anyone in general use Web-service through http ? :?