WebSphere MQ Adapter 60 encoding problem

Hi all,

I have the following encoding problem:

We receive a message from a partner system via MQA 6.0 Adapter. The message is encoded as UTF-8. The adapter receives the message right. I get the message content in the trace file - UTF-8 encoded.
After reading the message from queue is finished the adapter converts the string to iso8859-1. What is the reason for this transformation?

I set the CCSID - Parameter in the connection properties to CP1208 and receive my document with an asynchronous notification event.

The specific string in UTF-8 is ä_. After the transformation which happens in the adapter the string changed to ä_.

Do I have a configuration problem here?


When you are connecting to a local queuemanager, the CCSID is not taken into account and no conversion is done (Although there is some room for interpretation surrounding this in the documentation).
In your flow, however, as input for a get or put you can add a header “msgHeader.CodedCharSetId”. If you pass your CCSID to this field, it is converted accordingly.

I hope this helps…