webservice invocation from webmethods flow service

Hi All,

I have a flow service, whcih in turns invokes two webservice calls to fetch data from back end systems.

The first webservice will do an update operation at the back end system and the second web service will do enquiry operation.

If the 2nd web service (enquiry operation) call fails, i have to roll back the first web service( update operation)

Back end systems are not dealing with data base, these are separate applications.

Colud you please help me and how can i acheieve this scenario in webmethods7.1.2?

You cannot rollback the application like database…unless you have complex error handling process in place both ends and what are the failure points on the WS end do you know how they work during the rollback scenarios?



webservices are sync calls with no checkpoints like ART does. You need to write a third webservice which can restore to previous condition on failure of 2nd webservice.



Yes that is the options you have for the failure points.