webMethods Testing

I am new to webMethods field. I am a Software Test Engineer. My question may be a simple one, can any one please tell me what are the approaches to do Functional testing on webMethods?

For some usecases I can fire the requests from SOAP UI to webmethods server and check the response from wM. But how can I verify the intermediate steps from sending the request till I get the response ? Hope the question is clear. Please reply me as early as possible



this post might give a brief idea about wM testing

I guess you are getting the wM response back in SOAP GUI itself.

I think to know the intermediate steps in wM you need to debug the service to which you are posting the message from SOAP GUI. For that you need to enable the services savePipelineToFile and then enable restorePipelineFromFile to capture the message posted through SOAP GUI and then debug step by step in wM.

Or else if there is extensive logging available in webMethods then you can check the logs as well.

Please let me know whether I have understood your requirement correctly and did this solution work.

May be you can have a look at GH Tester and iTKO LISA testing tools.