Start learning webmethods


I Just started learning webmethods, actually i have no idea from where i have to start. please help


Basic start with Documentation and start with B2B Developer and Admin Guides as a first point of learning.

Also browse webmethods related sites for a better understanding of different product it offers.



Hi All,

This is jagadeesh, I want to start learning webmethods. Could you please guide me where to start and how to start. I don’t have any documents and webmethods software also. So please tell me where can i get Webmethod docs and software for practise.

I have worked on Weblogic ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). I saw in Webmethods site, there is a ESB in webmethods as well. So, i think it would be easy to learn webmethods if you guys kindly help.

Thanks in advance.



Welcome to wMUsers!!

Pls check this topic and start from there:


Be careful about making assumptions about what each vendor defines as “ESB.” There will be some conceptual similarities but the details can vary widely.

A lot of documentation has moved here as well

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