Error handling

Hi All,

We have a flow service having sequence as MAIN(with exit on SUCCESS)

It has two child sequences with try (exit on FAILURE) and catch (exit on DONE).

But we could notice that if some adapter service failed due to DB unavailability in the try block.

The flow is not going to catch block rather than it is executing the further steps of the try block.

Due to this we are facing data loss.

Its urgent.

Kindly advise.

That’s unexpected. Can you share your flow service outline make sure you have the code as below

main (success)
— try (failure) (as the child of main)
call db adapter service (as the child of try)
— catch (done) (as the child of main)
getLastError(as the child of catch)

Yes Mahesh,

The flow is in the same way as you said.

Thats what we are wondering, for the errors we are not getting notified leading to data loss.

Is there any possibility for the flaw in connections or adapter properties?


I am not sure if there are some properties to bypass the expected behaviour, can you check your fix levels and try the same on other servers.

Meanwhile, you can open a support request with SAG, looks like a product bug.

Thank You Mahesh for the suggestions.

Will work on this.