Error while closing transactions.

Recently we upgraded the IS to 65 sp2 and EDI fix_8 for batching.

I have written some services that I can only get to work while stepping through the service, when I try running the service or making it part of a wrapper service, I get the following error.

Could not run ‘updateInvalidBOL211Records’. [ART.117.4018] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Error while closing transactions at service completion Error:current thread not with any transaction.
current thread not with any transaction.

Can anyone tell me if they have seen this and how I should get around it. Most of my service including ones that I haven’t touched will include a start transaction and commit transaction service around updates, delete, and inserts, but for some reason I can’t get the process completed due to this error.

Hi aatlas,

I got the same error with SAP Adapter 6.5,could you elaborate where are you getting this error?which Adapter you are using?

If it is SAP Adpater Check the Advantage site couple of fixes available for
similar error.


Not sure for EDI but this error occurs for the JDBC adapter when making multiple implicit db calls to MORE than one adapter in the same flow.

Advantage Knowledge Base: