[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service

[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement "SELECT t1.VKORG,t1.SOLD_TO,t1.SHIP_TO,t1.BILL_TO,t1.STOCK_LOC,t1.NAMIC,t1.BUYER_NAME,t1.BUYER_TEL,t1.ATTN,t1.STATUS,t1.SM_10000,t1.SM_13000,t1.SM_20000,t1.SM_22000,t1.SM_30000,t1.SM_32000,t1.SM_35000,t1.SM_36000,t1.CRT_DATE,t1.FUNC_ACK_REQD,t1.IGNORE_NOTES,t1.V_CNF,t1.V_ASN,t1.V_INV,t1.V_PRI,t1.SENDER_ID_QUAL,t1.SM_60000,t1.SENDER_ID,t1.SHIP_TO_2,t1.PAYER,t1.CUST_ID,t1.GROUP_ID,t1.USER1,t1.CHG_DATE,t1.USER2,t1.ELEMENT_DELIM,t1.COMPOSITE_DELIM,t1.SEGMENT_DELIM,t1.SM_65000,t1.SM_67000 FROM EDI.dbo.TRADINGPARTNER t1 WHERE (t1.SENDER_ID = ? AND t1.SHIP_TO_2 = ? AND t1.STATUS = ?) ". "
(08S01/0) Connection reset"
Connection reset

webMethods 9.5 connected to SQL DB
JDBC 6.5

can some one help me on the root cause of this issue, it occured twice and i dont want to close it as a network glitch. want to know if it is SQL DB issue or Adapter failuere

It can be due to several issues listed below:

Network connectivity or intermittent failure
DB closing the connection, contact DBA
Turn on JDBC logging to Trace and capture the logs and involve DBA and network team if issue persists.

I second with Mahesh and those are the best option available for general troubleshooting on this kind of issue!!