Why does Exit $from parent doesn't give you the error details


I hava a Flow Service like this:

... (do something here)
... (do something here)
EXIT from $parent and signal FAILURE (I also filled the Failure Message)

... (do something here)

Invoke: pub.flow:getLastError
Invoke: pub.flow:debugLog (The message contains: %lastError/error%)

The problem is: in SEQUENCE (CATCH), the pub.flow:getLastError doesn’t return lastError output, which means the lastError output is null. Suppose it works, the lastError/error should contains the filled Failure Message.

It seems when called EXIT from $parent and signal FAILURE, it doesn’t throw any Exception information for getLastError. Is that true?

On contrary, for the case of EXIT from $flow and signal FAILURE, it will generate exception that can be catched in Catch Sequence (of course, you must have a parent flow service that has try-catch sequence). Then if you call getLastError there, you will get exception information. But for EXIT from $parent and signal FAILURE, the getLastError doesn’t return any exception information, even after giving getLastError service as the first step under catch block. I don’t know why.

Its right. Exit from $parent means, skip current & continue with next record… ie., skip the current iteration in the loop and continue to process the next iteration without stopping the entire logic execution currently