WebMethodsInstaller using Proxy Server

I have to go through a proxy server to to install Developer, trading Network Console and Busines Integrator.

I’ve downloaded webMethodsInstaller461.exe

following the instructions I’ve entered from command:

webMethodsInstaller461.exe -proxyHost HOST -proxyPort PORT

where HOST is the IP address and PORT is 80.

I receive this error:
The webMethods Installer could not make contact with the server using: http://wminstall.webmethods.com/cgi-
bin/dataserve2.cgi Please check your network connectivity.

any suggestions?

We ran into the same problem. Support suggested creating images from the install CD’s and then pointing the new webMethods Installer to the images instead of the website. I am planning on creating images and putting them on our network drive and when installing client tools just point them to the network drive. I haven’t done this yet but as soon as we migrate to the new version of the tools I will try. Please keep us informed on how things work.

Oh, by the way I had to send a email to keymaster@webmethods.com to get the install CD’s mailed to me.

Todd Wilson