webMethods Unit Test - wmtestsuite installation 10.1

Hi All,

I am looking into installing wmtestsuit on webMethods 10.1 instance I recall previously this was a manual extension created by professional services within software ag but was later incorporated into main product.

the steps I am looking for now are how is this extension now installed. is it via the softwareag installer. I currently only have an image of the installation created by the customer and no empower access, but I can raise this with the customers admin if needed. I do also have the wmtestsuite licence file.

if there are any steps or documentation available that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Kareem

Have you looked at the document on wM Unit Test Framework for v10.1 here?
10-1_Unit_Test_Framework.pdf (softwareag.com)

It is in the public documentation site, so you do not require Empower credentials.

Thanks Wayne, I did check this but I couldn’t find details on the actual installation of the extension. I think it may be an item which is selected now through the actual installer. I am working with one of the Admins to get a new image created with this product. if it works I will update back here.

I can confirm this extension is now installed via the SoftwareAG installer. be careful as there are two items required here to allow for the extension to be installed into designer and for the mocking package (WmServiceMock) to be installed. thanks all for the help!

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