UM 10.7 on IS 10.1 compatibility

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As the title suggests I’m looking for feedback to understand if any users have tried using UM 10.7 on an IS 10.1 installation. the client I am working with has let there upgrade plan slip and are looking for routes to begin migrating various platforms back into support. I understand the process would likely require manually loading the UM jar files and configuring the connection within the IS side but beyond this what type of problems could be expected has anyone tried this type of setup before or any reasons to strongly avoid it.

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Hi Kareem,

I believe this is the document you are looking for.

You shouldn’t need anything that dramatic but I would recommend migrating to a newer version instead of 10.7. 10.7 support will end next year and it will not receive patches after this October.

You can find this information on page 6

If you also check UM 10.15 you can see that it supports 10.1 as well.

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Thanks Engin, this is exactly what I’m looking for!

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