UM Connection Error

Hi Team,

We have migrated from Broker to UM.

We have made the UM configurations enabled.

We have synced the documents as well.

Still we are getting the errors.Please see in the attachment.

Kindly help me what we need to check and make changes.

Its urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Also , we are not sure whether we should be bothered about the above errors.

Also, why we are using that trigger.

Actually those two triggers were added by someone else.

Kindly help us on this.

Hi Priyanka,

Please move/post this issue in the “Universal Messaging” section of this forum and so it is noticeable and chances of respondents will also be high :)-

I would also suggest open a empower ticket with SAG tech support in the mean time as this sounds a migration issue and they can troubleshoot a bit closure.