IS Cannot Connect to UM After UM Restarts

Hi everyone,

We’re using the webMethods version 9.12 on windows systems,
I want to know if UM needs to be restarted regularly?

After I restarted UM today, one of the IS was unable to connect to UM, and there were the following errors.

Erroe [ISS.0153.9051]
Error initializing UM session: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nRealmUnreachableException: Realm is currently not
reachable:Realm was still unreachable after max retry count - nSessionAttributes:conns=1/[nsp://ourIP:9000/].

Do anyone know what’s the reason? How can we solve it?

You may have to re-investigate the logs to see why this error occurred.

Are there any issues with the server/box where UM is installed?

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Hi Mahesh,

Thank you for your reply.
We have investigated the logs, but did not see the other error messages about this.
And UM installation is also normal because it has been running normally for a while.
This time, this problem occurred after restarting UM.

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Hi hu sherry,Also do you see any network layer hiccups such as UM server port accessibility from the IS server box aspect etc…


Hi rmg,

Thanks for your reply.
There is no network layer problem, and we have several IS connected to UM,
but only one of them IS unable to connect after restart. Other normal work.

Try telnet from IS server to UM server.

Yes please try to test via the transport layer and see if that is able to connect to UM port.


Hi Mahesh & rmg,

Thank you for your reply.
I have telnet the UM port and it is normal.
And, now I restart UM again.This IS can be connected again.
But, I was wondering why this would happen.

Glad to hear IS connected to UM now!!

Various reasons could happen and only your internal team can investigate checking in various check points and logs.


Hi rmg,

Ok. We will continue to investigate this cause.
There is another thing I want to understand, UM need restarted regularly?

UM need not require regular restarts if fine-tuned and configured properly. The last time I remember restarting UM servers in our current Prod environment is 3 months back for maintenance reasons.

I would suggest please keep up some window for UM maintenance’s regularly and that way any server component run’s smooth especially in live environments.


Hi Prasad Pokala & rmg

Thank you for your advice, and I will feedback these suggestions with my team.