We see "Restart is require for changes to take effect" after login to IS

Hi Team,

We see message " Restart is require for changes to take effect " after we logged into IS. We restarted the server and it went off but if we do any activity under IS it will show up again.

We would like to know if it normal behavior or any changes has to be done to fix it?

This depends on what “activity” you mean - for example, if you update the JDBC Pools, then a restart is required (i.e., normal behaviour). What is the activity you performed?


We check on Scheduler and the Error logs, is there a harm if this message pop up on top?

In general, it’s not a problem if the message pops up as some activities do require a restart. However, it shouldn’t be for schedulers or error logs (or any read-only activity for that matter).
Can you elaborate what exactly you are doing and post a screenshot?


Recently we updated JDBC pool entries, apart from that we check on error (check attached image)

We have restarted the IS service few times now after adding JDBC pool entries but we continue to see the pop-up on top.

I assume that no one else is making changes to the Pools, other than you, on the side.

  1. Now, are you saying that the restart message appears when you specifically access the Schedulers/Error logs pages, even after you completed a restart after updating the Pools?

  2. Does the message automatically go away (without a restart), if you move to the Statistics page for example?


We done with JDBC pool changes and then we restarted the IS service, we logged back to IS and we no longer see the message. This is done yesterday.

I logged into today we I see the message again, in between no one has made any sort of changes on IS server

If that’s the case, this seems like a bug (unless I’m overlooking something) and I don’t see this in the latest IS fix.
I don’t have a 10.7 server to test at present - do write to the support team to get this investigated further.

Note - There are other changes beyond JDBC Pools that would warrant a restart - Clustering is one more example.


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This message is only triggered by configurational change that requires restart. There is a number of those as Kasi has indicated, including but not limited to extended settings values, JDBC pools etc.

If you want to try switching to the new Admin UI, you should see a list of reasons for the restart request under the alerts icon.

Thank you,
Dmytro Scarola


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