Missing Packages after installation of IS, MWS, Active transfer on 10.7

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We have installed 10.7 of IS, MWS and Active transfer using 10.7 version. After installation, IS and MWS went up successfully. But Active Transfer UI was unreachable. When i checked IS package management, i noticed that there are misssing packages, including WmMFT and WmMonitor. We are sure that the components are installed as running the installer again would show that the Active Transfer Server and Gateway have its checkbox marked as “[I]”. Checking the server, and going to the [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages i can see the WmMFT folder but i dont see the WmMonitor. I then checked [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/packages and there i can see more packages and includes WmMonitor. Tried to compare the WmMFT from [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages and WmMFT from [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/packages to see the difference. What i noticed is that the one on [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmMFT/conf i dont see the license key and other property file like what it have on [installation directory]/IntegrationServer/packages. Can someone let us know how we can fix these and where did we went wrong on the installation procedure? Thanks a lot.

you can check if there are any errors in the logs under IntegrationServer/instances/logs and install/logs directory


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