Active Transfer and Integration Server Version


Is it necessary that both Active Transfer and Integration Server versions should be same to make it work?
We have installed Activer Transfer Version 9.8 on IS version 9.6 and dont see MFT package getting enabled.


Hi Shahed,

can you share the error message from the server.log of the IS?
This shoud give some hints on the root cause.

Some ideas:

  • Active Transfer package needs a newer java version than that used by the IS.
  • Active Transfer package relies on services which are not available in IS 9.6 but were added later.

Usually components which rely on IS packages/features should be applied to an IS installation with at least the same major version (or newer).


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response.

There’s no error message , MFT package is empty after install. It could be possibly due to mismatch of java version as you have pointed.

Attempting to install it on wM 9.9 now. will update on how it goes


I believe WmMFT package version should match with the IS version to be working and enabled unless there is no version released yet after MFT 9.8 for IS 9.9 to be in sync.


Hi Experts,

Adding to Shahed’s question,
We installed ActiveTransfer on IS 9.9v

Still facing few major issues,

  1. WmMFT package is showing only two folders → config and resources
  2. config folder is only having two files , licenseKey and security.cnf files
    as what we understood through SAG documentation on ActiveTransfer, it should have properties.cnf as well for doing multiple configurations
  3. No in built services are being displayed in MFT package

below are the logs from ./…/packages/WmMFT/resources/ActiveTransfer.log
|SQL:Loading user list from DB…
|SQL:Loading inheritance from DB
|SQL:Loading inheritance from DB
|SQL:Loading inheritance from DB
|—Auto IP lookup failure (could not reach server)!—

These all components are deployed on OS:Windows Server 2008 R2 , 64bit [is it OS issue?]

Request you all to please update on this.

Ajitesh Srivastava

I would suggest please open a ticket with SAG support and it seems like a unusal install issue on this OS or some thing to pin-point.


I did install MFT today on wM 9.9 but I do not find any issues. The steps I followed are below:

1> Ran installer and selected the components Active Transfer Server/Gateway, IS, MWS, Database Configuration

2> After the installation is successful, ran the DB configuration

3> Start IS and MWS and check for WmMFT and MWS user interfaces for Managed File Transfer

Let me know if you need further details and feel free to contact me on email.

Thanks Mahesh for helping out

Issue was with the license file we had for ActiveTransfer.

Desc : Installation with the license file we had , didn’t prompt any error while installing and created only few file structure inside WmMFT package as explained in the above post.

Temp Resolution : As suggested by Mahesh, have used trial version license file of ActiveTransfer to re-install MFT component. It got successfully installed with all the required artifacts inside WmMFT package.

To confirm the issue and validate the license key, please check with SAG support. Share the details it will be useful.