MFT Connection Issue in My webMethods Server V 9.10

Hello All,

While I am clicking on server management button under the Managed file transfer tab in my webMethods server Verion 9.10, I got the below errror.

Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{Wm_mft_ut_engine_dmz_configDefaultviewView.GWListEmpty}”.

Please help me if any one know the resolution and also find the attached error screen shot.

Prem Sai.

I spent some time setting up Active Transfer MFT on the free trial version 9.10 and found that there is an issue with it. Even if you install the latest MFT 9.8 fix on it, you still end with with another error about the communication between WmMFT and IS. Looks like there is some with image file w.r.t to Active Transfer Server/Gateway.

Hence you have to download the fresh image from SAG empower and install. Currently I have not faced any issues so far. I will keep you posted if I find any.

It seems to be the error is typically seen if ActiveTransfer (WmMFT) is NOT installed on the default Integration Server instance.

ActiveTransfer can only be used with the default instance of Integration Server.

The ActiveTransfer package must only be installed on the default Integration Server instance. Please check these points and also provide the complete error logs for further investigating.