webMethods - ActiveTransfer is not initialized

Hello Community!
I am new to webMethods. I am trying to explore & learn webMethods integration 10.11 (free trial version) and its various components.

I recently configured MWS but when I click on Server Management tab in MWS then I see ActiveTransfer related error as shown in below screenshot:

I would appreciate if experts in community can please help me fix this error.


Hi Shabbir,

This mean that ActiveTransfer server is not initialized correctly. The log files in the directory profiles/IS_default/logs should have some information on what is going wrong.

May be you do not have license file for ActiveTransfer at the location \packages\WmMFT\config?

BTW, since you are using 10.11 version, ActiveTransfer has its own UI, running at the port 9100. Some of the new features added in the product may not be available in MWS UI.


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@ahmed_shabbir Try updating the license, then reinstall active transfer.