Webmethods IO queries

I have couple of suggestions to webMethods IO marketing team.

I assume it will be helpful to developer community if they can provide few test connections readily available to connect with apps like SAP, Salesforce and DB’s, FTP/SFTP sample connections ,also, to some cloud providers AWS/ Google / Azure.

This would help Integration or citizen developers to explore more on webMethods IO flows (rather than creating other external apps and connecting them with IO).

Also, I see webMethods MFT and B2B are not available in software AG cloud trail version. Providing these as trail versions will encourage more webMethods developers to explore these products.

Hi @Sandeep_Deepala ,
Thanks for the suggestions.
But in my opinion, this cant be achived for multiple reasons

  1. Even if we try to give free account access, it has the limitations to the number of user.
  2. Different customer has different usecases and in the market there are plethora of system available. So it becomes unrealistic to manage it.
  3. If customer is paid tenant customer, then they can definetly reach out to us from multiple channels like (Global Support, tech forum channels and even directly to thier CSM’s )incase they are stuck some where.

Still I’ll pass the feedback to our Product managemnet team.

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Vikash Sharma