Connectors for Azure Services

Is there any roadmap for the connectivity of Azure Blob Storage, Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps services?

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Hi Srikanth,

We have the Microsoft Azure Storage which has Blob Storage specific operations, Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store 2 Connector, Microsoft Azure DevOps Triggers.

Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps connectors are on the long-term roadmap, Can you let me know if these connectors you are looking for are with the Integration iPaaS or the on-premise webMethods Integration Platform. Can you please raise a brainstorm feature request for the same with the business criticality details and share the same.

Suresh Ganta
Software AG Product Management

Hello Suresh,

I have a similar question. I am looking for a Microsoft Azure Storage for an on-premise webMethods Integration Platform. Could you please confirm me that is available ? If yes, could you give me the link for downloading a trail version. Thank you in advance, Regards Frederic BELCHI

Hi Frederic,

Yes, we do have the Azure Storage connector for the on-premise webMethods Integration Platform. The webMethods CloudStreams Connector for Azure Storage can be found at: Microsoft Azure Storage. You would need webMethods CloudStreams as a pre-requisite for using this connector and the same is available as part of the webMethods Free Trial Edition at: webMethods Integration Free Trial Download. For a complete list of webMethods CloudStreams Connectors available for the on-premise webMethods Integration Platform please refer to: webMethods CloudStreams Connectors - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Suresh Ganta
Software AG Product Management

hello Suresh,

Thank you so much for your quick answer and all information provided.

Kindly Regards

Hi Suresh,

Actual, I tried to investigate about what you need to buy and install for implementing the AZURE Storage connector.
For information, we have currently only Integration servers on promises (ver10.3)

Could you please confirm or not such scenario :

Install CloudStreams including WmCloudStreams & WmCloudStream on IS (Licence of CloudStream Free of Charge)

Enable SoftwareAG Cloud > Cloud container (Free of charge)

Install Azure Storage connector on the local IS (Azure Storage connector license required)

Deploy Azure Storage connector asset on the Cloud container.

Let me know

Thank you in advance,

Why do you want to license, install and operate it yourself?
You can also use the Integration platform where this is also available out of the box.
If you want to try it our just request a free trial online here:

As example on how to use it see as example:



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