Integration Cloud Features

Hi All,

One of our clients were asking for a demo and features on Integration Cloud and how its different from the other cloud vendors in the market.

I have gone through the documents and some demos available on youtube but there isn’t much clarity on the capabilities & functionalities in there.

I have created few Applications but wanted to know all the capabilities and functionalities of integration cloud so that we can present it to our client in a good way.

Also wanted to check are there any clients who are already using this ? If yes what exactly is there business need?

Thanks in Advance,
Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Syed Faraz Ahmed,

We have forwarded your request to sales/marketing team, they would get in-touch with you for a better understanding of the requirement.


Hi Syed, the best way to know exactly what is available in Integration Cloud is to view the documentation, which is available in Empower. I’ve attached the help files here.

A high level summary of the capabilities include:

  • Ability to connect to SaaS applications and call operations available in the SaaS APIs
  • Ability to build integrations, either point to point, or using orchestration
  • Ability to connect to on premises applications either using webMethods or with a light weight Integration Agent

Although I cannot give you public facing customer references, we have customers that are using Integration Cloud mostly to integrate between cloud applications such as Salesforce, Marketo, ServiceNow and others. And in some cases we have customers who are integrating with on premises applications such as SAP and MS Dynamics CRM.

Also, did you sign up for a free trial and try it out for yourself?

David O.
3-1-0_Integration_Cloud_Help.pdf (1.62 MB)

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for the response.

I have gone through the documents and I think they are in the initial stage because most of the content just explain how to develop the interfaces and doesn’t contain in-depth information.

-I wanted to know some more capabilities of it like how the deployment of code is done between stages.
-How can I delete users from wM Integration Cloud and few other things as well…

And yes I have registered for trail version and implemented some interfaces.

w.r.t current usage of wM Integration Cloud it is mostly used to integrate Cloud-to-Cloud & Cloud-to-OnPremise? Am i Right?

Syed Faraz Ahmed