Integration Cloud Messaging

Hi Gents,

I have checked in the last version of webMethods Integration cloud and there was no cloud pub-sub feature.

However, I want to confirm if hosting pub-sub with Integration Cloud is possible or not?
example: Similar to feature of Google Cloud pub-sub?

Any pointers will be helpful.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi All,

Any pointers on my query?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Integration Cloud supports google pub/sub

Hi Mangat,

Thanks for your response. Yes, it does support Google pub-sub and Amazon SNS.

But I want to know if UM is supported as pub-sub similar to that of Google pub-sub.

As per the documentation, SAG says UM layer is present in between wM Integration cloud and wM on-premise server.

My Question is why they are not providing it as cloud pub-sub provider when they have UM on Cloud? I have checked the trail version and I can confirm this statement but I can’t show a proof to support my statement. So, was checking here to get any pointer w,r,t to documentation or some article or something.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

yes UM layer is present. As far as i know that layer is to provide connectivity between Cloud and on perm IS only.

Yes, The purpose of UM layer is to provide connectivity between Cloud and on-premise server.(in order to upload services metadata/service invocations).