Monitoring UM on Cloud Container

    Monitoring UM on Cloud Container  


  This article explains about monitoring Universal Messaging (UM) on cloud container.


It is assumed that readers of this article know how to create Webmethods cloud container solutions in cloud container as well as deploying the UM artefacts on cloud container.


Connecting to UM from External Clients

  • Create a solution in Webmethods cloud container.
  • Cloud container solutions should be created on dedicated tenant (not on free trial) and should contain

            a.  Integration server

            b.  Universal Messaging should be installed.

  • Deploy the UM artefacts to the cloud container.
  • Deploy the package from designer which consumes the published message.

Note: In our case we have deployed the shipment package which contains JMS trigger and subscriber flow service.


Integration Server Assets     

  • Verify shipment package on IS server which contains the below artefacts

                 a. JMS trigger

                 b. Subscriber flow services

  • Navigate to your deployed package and verify durable subscriber and subscriber flow service in the shipment_jms_trigger.


Universal Messaging Cloud Artefacts

  • Connect to cloud container and navigate to Shipment solutions
  • In our case, we have deployed these artefacts on cloud UM

                  a. Connection factory: shipmentconnectionfactory

                  b. Topic Name:  ShipmentTopic

                  c.  JNDI Destinations: ShipmentTopic

  • Navigate to the channels and select shipmentTopic.

  • As of now we have not published any message to the UM, therefore count for both published and consumed is 0.
  • Click on Durable subscriber and verify the subscriber exists.

Note: We can see the durable subscriber only if we have created the topic with durable subscriber. As we know queue is already act as durable subscriber therefore for it no durable subscriber created.

  • In our case, the durable subscriber will be of the same name what we have given while creating the JMS trigger.

Publish Message

  • Invoke the publish flow service which will push the messages to the ShipmentTopic.
  • Connect to cloud containers and navigate to UM --> Channels --> ShipmentTopic
  • We can verify the published and consumed message.

Browse Message

  • We can browse the published events in durable subscriber.
  • Navigate to Shipment-> UM-> Durable Subscriber

  • Verify the logs that subscriber service has written.
  • Logs are available on cloud container solutions.