UM not available

Hi Team,

Could you please help me understand the situation and the resolution of it?

We have messages in the Queue and at that time if the UM is not available.Then how can we be make sure that the messages are not lost.

Kindly explain it the solution in detail.

Thanks in advance.

Use client side queueing to make sure your messages are not lost when UM is down or unavailable.

This is a setting that you can find on the messaging connection alias (or useCSQ in case of pub.jms service) and the messages are persisted in the file based derby dB on your integration server when IS can’t reach UM.

Read Administration and pub sub guide for more details.

Thank you Mahesh.

Is this anywhere related to Durable Subscribers?


Not really, a durable subscriber is a message consumer that receives all messages published on a topic, including messages published while the subscriber (trigger) is inactive or application down.

On UM you can check for named objects.

These are messaging design patterns and you can experience these concepts practically on UM, JMS or any other Middleware tools.