Publish and subscribea across projects in


can you please confirm publish and subscribe message with cloud messaging across projects will work?
if flowService A in Project P1 publishes a message . can a flow service 2 in project P2 can subcribe msg.

Hi @Srinivasa_Tirumanisette1

Yes, you can create messaging destinations that can be shared across projects by setting Shared across all projects as Yes.

You can refer below documentation for more details
Cloud Messaging - Integration


Yes @Srinivasa_Tirumanisette1 we also faced this issue, and raised with SAG, and then received suggestion same as suggested by @Sourabh_Harkawat2 .

Overall good topic and same doubt raising on different minds.

The “Shared across all projects” feature is new, it was added at the end of last year with v11, so not all users know it’s there yet.

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