1. Hybrid integration : I understand we can integrate webM integration cloud with a Local IS instance by creating an agent & doing configuration on local IS admin page.
    Are there any other pre-requisites ?
  2. How can different developers collaborate on Integration cloud , any locking \ unlocking facility available or common services view.
  3. Error Handling on webM Integration Coud - is it possible to have email error templates(not document types) and setup SMTP server host configuration ? I could see only alerts facility there which works mostly in batch mode.
    Similarly , is the above possible on API Gateway ? as per me this is not possible here as well as it internally calls IS services only (Please note we do not have a local IS instance)
  4. Can we create different views (Look and Feel) on API portal for Internal and External developer community ?
  5. On setting up a connector on the integration cloud say Google Drive connector , the OAuth refresh token and access token is provided in account setup which by default expires after every 60 mins , how to configure that to as “never expire” , even if we do that setting I suppose its not the right approach and a security lapse.
    Is there another way to check in connector if token is valid and if not at runtime the token generated is picked up ?
  6. Can we resubmit failed transactions on webMethods integration cloud ?


Here are some of the answers that I am aware of.

#1, Yes, you are correct but you need to have the required license and Integration Cloud account.
#2, Like any other iPaaS solution, this should be supported via User Management and Roles (check Add New Access Profile)
#6, Yes, if you have the required license

Thanks Mahesh for the reply, On your reply on 2nd and 6th point
My question on 2nd point was that two of team members working on the same package and different set of services , how is that possible in Integration cloud as each user need to have a unique access.
On the 6th point , how does licenses apply here, the question was around the availability of a functionality in IPaaS solution. This functionality is currently available onpremise solution from SAG


We don’t have so many developers for collaboration but you need to refer the Integration Cloud guide where you get most of the answers.

In my personal experience, SAG Integration Cloud is getting matured now as I have personally worked on other tools but it will get there soon