webMethods CloudStreams vs webMethods Integration Cloud ?

The earlier one enables your on-premise version to connect with SaaS solutions. The later one is a cloud deployed version of webMethods which is getting a lot more attention these days related to hybrid model. Any thoughts on what should be used and when ?

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Did you decide which to use? Both are new to me and I’m just starting my research.

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Have you got answer for this.I am also on same confusion .Please.Please someone can help on this to get clear idea on the difference between this two.

To make integration between some on-premise and cloud integration we can either cloud stream connector(total on-premise application) or hybrid integration on on webMethod integration cloud.

Suppose I need to integrate between on-premise siebel CRM to SFDC cloud.In this case we can make on-premise service using SFDC cloud stream connector(or using SFDC ws) or using hybrid integration on webMethod cloud.

So what is the advantage of using webMethod cloud here and when to chose webMethod cloud.

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Baharul Islam

Can someone please provide some basic understanding on this.

Hi Baharul and others -

We want to provide cloud integration options to our customers. Both CloudStreams or Integration Cloud can solve cloud to on-premise and cloud to cloud scenarios. Users can choose Integration Cloud in the following scenarios:-

  1. Your organization has a majority of applications in the cloud. The main use-cases are cloud to cloud. In this case, having integration capability in the cloud makes sense and hence Integration Cloud is a good fit.

  2. Your organization has adopted a cloud first initiative. In this case, Integration Cloud is a good fit as it is completely in the cloud and has zero on-premises footprint. In this case, Integration cloud helps the organization achieve its goals by moving integration to the cloud.

  3. Some organizations want to enable integration self-service and want to provide a platform for citizen developers (business savvy users or non-traditional developers) for developing quick integration flows. The connectors exposed in Integration Cloud provide a higher level of usability as compared to those exposed in CloudStreams. Therefore Integration Cloud is better suited for citizen development.

CloudStreams is suitable for the following scenarios:-

Organization has a big on-premises footprint and has majority of the application on-premises. In this case, it makes sense to install CloudStreams on top of the on-premises webMethods integration platform. This way the user can leverage the existing platform to connect with cloud based applications in a cost effective manner.




Thank you Sachin for good explanation

Thanks sachin…that brought some clarity :slight_smile: