How to get new access level in

Product/components:, my access level change.

I am SAG Employee and started working on TDaaS project for Boeing. All the development for this project will be on Since this is my 1st project on, I created my sag.could account but when I login to my a/c on, I see “Projects, Monitor, Recipes”, I am expecting to see “Int Server” tab after Recipes but I don’t see the “Int Server” there. Also, I need to add email generation in the workflow for the TDaaS project, but I don’t see it available because I am in Free trial

Whom can I contact to get next level access in, so that I could start with creating Edge Integration Server instance for TDaaS project in

What team are you with at Software AG? Professional Services?

When I was a consultant at Software AG, we had access to enterprise level environments, with all features enabled.
As you can tell, the free trials are somewhat limited. Is there someone on your team you can ask?
Does the customer not have a subscription yet to environment(s)? If they do, then you can use that for POCs and Development?

Also, I believe to get access to the newest features a request needs to be made to the Software AG cloud ops team. Check with the Software AG Account rep who supports your customers, AND/OR, your Software AG colleagues…
Things have likely changed since I left Software AG last year :slight_smile: