Can not add Integration


You already have a Integration free trial, or you have triggered the process of starting or stopping a Integration free trial. Please check and try again later.

Software AG registered Email :

Hi all!

Facing the same issue.
Software AG registered Email :

Apologies for inconvenience .
Our CloudOps team is looking into this.

Vikash Sharma

Hello Vikash! Thanks for the reply. Any updates from Jan 27?

Hi ,
I have asked the CloudOps team to look into it.
Are you still facing the issue?

Vikash Sharma

Hi! Yes, I’m still facing the same issue

Hi @varvara_kozhukhova ,
Can you please share the tenant name.

Vikash Sharma

Env name is env993730

Hi all, I am facing the same problem, now in March.
I attempted to add the trial version of the "'webMethod. io integrations 24 hours ago.

Similar to the screen capture above, the webMethods. io integration does not appear as something I can ‘Open’ and interact with, like the ‘Cumulocity IoT’ and when I try to ‘Start Trial’ again for ‘webMethods. io integrations’ it gives me the same error message - “You already have a ‘webMethods. io integration’…”, though the options cannot be seen in the “your software AG Cloud products” area.

Any good way to troubleshoot to access ‘webMethods. io integrations’?

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contact email:

I seem to be wrestling with the same exact error.

Environment name:

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I also had the same problem.

Envirionment :
E-mail :

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Hi team, I am also facing the same issue. Please help me to resolve this at the earliest.
environment: env632940

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