While Trying to open webMethods.io Integration - This site can’t be reached - error

  1. While trying to open webMethods.io Integration, its showing Site can’t be reached.

  2. Then…I tried to create an SoftwareAG Cloud account with different mail id , Unfortunately not getting the Welcome mail with environment name. Please help me to resolve both the issues.

Hi Sharu,

The url you’re tring to open seems to be

  1. As far as I know env. names have int**-aws-de** or int**-aws-us**, etc. in the url and not only int.
    Can you double check if this is the correct url - you should be able to find it in the initial email you received when creating your account.

  2. When did you create your account? Maybe your 30-day free trial has expired, and you haven’t converted to free forever? It might have been automatically deleted in that case.


Very good question easy answer: https://router.softwareag.cloud/
With that page you find your right URL and login screen. Just enter your tenant name and let it do it’s magic.

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