Unable to start free trail in Software AG Cloud - webMethods.io Integration

I am not able to start free trail Software AG Cloud - webMethods.io Integration.
On clicking start free trail it is showing error msg as
“You already have a webMethods.io Integration Free Trial, or you have triggered the process of starting or stopping a webMethods.io Integration Free Trial. Please check and try again later.”

as the free trial is not added to my Software AG Cloud products, then also I am getting the error,

may be free trial version worked in 60days only, when you create your account ?

Hi Jaydip,

Which region did you select for the trial - this will help us test the issue?

Hii Toni,
I have selected India.

Thanks for the info Jaydip,

I guess you still don’t see the product added, do you?
If you try to start a trial for another product, do you also get the error?

@Vikash_Sharma1 can you please look into that?


hi @Rananjoy_Dasgupta1 ,
Can you please help us here