Suggestions on improvement of documentation to iPaaS

The purpose of iPaas/low code platform is to allow citizen developer to built business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT. A lot of the time these citizen developers might not have sufficient technical knowledge in a particular endpoints/3rd party systems and might requires step-to-step guide on achieving their goal.

After going through the guides, I do see there is a lack of how-to/step to step guides on connector/source to target system of guides available in the documentation.

For example:
IBM App Connect:

Dell Boomi:

It would be good if documentation also provides sufficient information on these as a guide to people who’s using platform to do such integration.

What you think the documentation of needs to further improve?

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Hi Mike

This is exactly what we have been working on. There are already 11 tech community articles published and more to come soon.

But keep watching the Integration on tech community. These would be out soon.

Documentation also would be linked to these articles.

P.S: you should also subscribe integration YouTube channel.

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Hello Ng Mike,

I am with you and on the same page. I see two links for (not sure if this still needs to be referred after acquisition)

And it will be great if you provide one link to all documentation (Integration, B2B and API) with sepearte tabs.


No != >

We have to keep the documentation seperate to not confuse customers and the transition would take some time.

Please just follow for Integration, B2B and API management.

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Thanks Srikanth, this makes sense and I will stick to

When we make an integration flow in Integration platform and choose the option to invoke it over HTTP, it exposes it over the web using HTTP POST.
There is no way to change it to GET. In my use case i wanted to consume this end-point as a GET as it’s just a read only service to get data.
Please see if this can be improved. Expected behaviour is like what we have on webMethods on-prem IS, any service can be accessed via HTTP GET & POST depending upon input signature.


Hey Manoj, although from REST practices I understand that “GET” verb is recommended to invoke or provision read/get type of services, we can still achieve the same using POST too. In fact, using post we can send complex data structures as input to your READ service (if required) as opposed to URL Query Params via GET.

This query param restriction might be the primary reason why might have restricted the HTTP invocation to POST so that users can pass complex input data structures to services.

Hello Prasad,
I agree using POST we can achieve what GET does. However, my use case supports GET only and therefore thought about raising it as an improvement.
Use Case: Consume the integration developed as a data source in MashZone as a URL based Data Feed.

As a workaround, i developed a workflow with webhook as triggering point with sync response block sending the response.


I would suggest you to raise a support incident through Empower to SAG support to get R&D’s viewpoint against your use case, and also why they’ve such architecture design in There should be a reason to that, and I’m pretty sure the R&D has done their investigation before they design it this way.

If you strongly believe that this is a valid use case, it’s also a good idea to just raise them through Brainstorm portal so that PM heard your voice and get back to you.

Dear All,

Did you tried API Development with Classic Webmethods flow? This is also possible on Integration. This will let you develop with methods of your choice. For Even Driven use cases - use workflows, for Synchronous cases, API development cases use webMethods flows.

That is exactly what i used to develop the integration. Attached is its snapshot.


You should use the REST APIs for exposing with respective methods.

If you expose the integration it would only give POST method option.

All the other advanced options are available on REST APIs. Try it once.

I echo with Srikanth using Restful calls is the way to usecase with various http method options in the portal.