webMethods.io Integration for Netsuite BudgetCategory to Salesforce Account data sync

webMethods.io Integration tutorial


      This article describes a business use case to Integration “BudgetCategory” from NetSuite into the “Account” in Salesforce.   


  • webMethods.io tenant.
  • NetSuite Account.
  • Salesforce Account.    


Get all the “BudgetCategory” records from the NetSuite via backend services and create the “Account” in the Salesforce with the same  BudgetCategory data. This integration syncs all NetSuite “BudgetCategory” into Salesforce “Account” respectively.

Fig: -End to end workflow

  Fig: - Sub-flow to create an account within loop 


Create Account:

  1. Drag and drop the NetSuite Connector and  Salesforce Connector from webMethod.io Integration Connectors pannel.
  2. Add Account by Clicking on +icon at “Connect to NetSuite Connector” and for the “Salesforce Connector”.
  3. Provide the Credentials for both the Connectors.
  4. Once the connection is established then the user will be ready to use the connector services.

         Below are the snapshots for the Connector Connections pages.

NetSuite Account:

Salesforce Account:

         1. For create an account in Salesforce CRM Three types of Connection are available. These are following. 

  • Credential   
  • OAuth V2.0 (Authorization Code Flow)    
  • OAuth V2.0 (JWT Flow)

2. Here we are adding an account for Credential.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


      We can choose existing actions or can create new custom actions. Below is the list of actions we will perform to create the Integration.

      1. Click on the +icon at “Select Action” to create a new custom action in NetSuite. Provide the required inputs and choose the account configured above.


       2. Choose the Action to perform.

      3. Choose the business object.

      4. Select the data fields.

      5. Preview the action details and confirm.

      6. After creating the custom action, verify the action name and connection name.

       7. Select field value of record type as a budget category and click on Next.



       8. Now click on Test to test this action.


       9. Then Successful output will appear. 

      10. For iterating the data from NetSuite do the proper mapping between “getAllBudgetCategory” incoming Data of NetSuite and loop over configure the action. For each BudgetCategory record, the loop will iterate and insert the data in the Salesforce Account.


        11. Inside the loop, the Salesforce “Account Creation” service is configured, and mandatory fields are mapped properly.

       12. Configure the workflow below.


      13. Click on the Play icon to execute the workflow.

      14. It also shows a graphical view of the execution as below at each step.

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