Sync Salesforce Lead To Marketo Lead

This article describes one business use case integration where “Lead” from Salesforce gets converted into the “Lead” in Marketo.

Use Case

Query all the “Leads” from the Salesforce via backend services and create the “Leads” in the Marketo with the same Lead Data. This integration converts all Salesforce “Leads” into Marketo “Leads” respectively.




This Integration integrates additional App “Email” to convey messages with respect to succesfull execution of the integration. It helps a group of people to be well informed about the status of integration.


Create Account:

  1. Add Account by Clicking on + icon at “Connect to SalesforceConnector” and for the “Marketo Connector”.
  2. To Configure OAuth connection follow the steps in the linked Article
  3. User will be able to use the connector services once the connection is established.                     


We can choose existing actions or can create new custom actions. Below is the list of actions we will perform to create the Integration.

  1. Click on the + icon on the “Select Action” tab to create a new custom action in Salesforce. Provide required inputs and choose the account configured above.



  1. Click on Next, click on Test to test the action.



  1. Click on Done once the test is completed.
  2. Set up the loop for “queryLeads” in Salesforce CRM. For each Lead record the loop will Iterate and insert the Data in the Marketo Lead.


Note: UpsertLead is the action used to perform both Update and Create Leads in Marketo.


  1. Configure the loop and click on the Next button. Click on Test to test the action.


  1. Click on Done once the test is completed.


  1. User can Set up the Email utility provided by As soon as the integration completes this utility triggers the mail to the mentioned stakeholders.


  1. Test the action to confirm the Email is setup successfully.


  1. Click Done. Configure the workflow as shown below.


  1. Save the Workflow and click on the play button to execute it. The flow execution is shown to the user as and when the loop is executed to convert leads.