FlowService for SAP C4C Leads to Marketo Leads data sync in webMethods.io New Flow Editor


This article describes the step-by-step process of creating a FlowService in webMethods.io New Flow Editor for the data sync between SAP Cloud for Customer “Leads” business object and Marketo “Leads” business object.


  • User needs to have a working SAP Cloud for Customer account, to log into the SAP tenant
  • User needs to have a working Marketo account, to log into the Marketo tenant
  • Access permission for SAP C4C APIs and Marketo APIs
  • Working webMethods.io tenant

Steps to create flowservice for SAP C4C Leads to Marketo Leads data sync in webMethods.io:

        1. Login to webMethods.io integration

        2. Click on Project and navigate to FlowServices


        3. Create a flowservice and add a name.

        4.  Create I/O fields:     



       5. Start typing try and select Try...Catch... from dropdown options.


          6.  To add a comment click on the dots on the right side of the control and select “Comment“ from the dropdown.

          7.  Start typing transform and select Transform Pipeline from dropdown

          8.  Select map icon on the right side to hardcode values:

       9. Add  a field queryFilter and create below query.

            LastChangeDateTime ge datetimeoffset'%fromDateString%' and LastChangeDateTime le datetimeoffset'%toDateString%'


          Add If condition:


         Add do Until inside If condition :


        10.  Add custom operation for SAPC4C Connector:

               Name:  querySAPC4Cleads

               Add a new account or select an existing one and provide below details:


          Select Query


               Select Lead as shown below.


                Select required fields


              On the next screen review the selection and click on Done.

         11.  Do the mapping for connector operation as below:


            12.  Add exit step in else


           13.  Add "Do Until" step and try to drag and drop “QuerySAPC4Cleads“ step inside “Do“.

                   Add until condition.


           14.  Add custom operation UpsertMarketoLeads for Marketo.


              Select Lead


                 Select fields:


             15.  Do the needful mapping as below:


      16.  Add get last error in Catch block:


        17.  Run the flow by providing below input: